Sick Leave Pool

State College of Florida offers the opportunity for eligible employees to join the Sick Leave Pool.

The purpose of the Sick Leave Pool is to keep employees in a paid status while recuperating from their serious illness or injury. It also serves as assistance to fellow employees who run out of paid time to keep them in a paid status. 

The Sick Leave Pool allows employees who have suffered a personal illness or serious injury to draw up to a maximum of 60 paid days in a year while recuperating. The maximum number of days a member may use from the pool is 120 during a 10-year period. Unlike FMLA, the Sick Leave Pool is only for the employee's illness. It cannot be used to take care of an ill family member. Participation in this program is voluntary.   

Open Enrollment
There are two (2) open enrollments per year, April and October. At these times all eligible non-member employees will receive an application to join.

To be eligible, the employee must have one year of benefit eligible employment and accrued sick leave equal to the number of days attainable in their contract (12 month employees - 12 days, 10 month employees - 10 days, 9 month employees - 8 days). If eligible, two sick days are deducted from your sick time and added to the pool for use by members. Every other year an additional ½ day contribution is required to ensure the solvency of the pool.

If an employee was a member of a Sick Leave Pool at a previous Florida Community College/University, they may waive the year wait period and enroll at the first opportunity. For more information about the Sick Leave Pool, please see the Sick Leave Pool Rule or e-mail

Requesting Sick Leave Pool Use
If you believe you will require use of the Sick Leave Pool, please contact the Benefits Coordinator at

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