Sick Leave Pool

The purpose of the Sick Leave Pool is:

  • To provide for short-term disability pay during a member's serious illness   
  • To assist a fellow employee during his or her serious illness.   
  • The Sick Leave Pool allows employees who have suffered a personal illness or serious injury to draw up to a maximum of 60 paid days in a year while recuperating. Unlike FMLA, the Sick Leave Pool is only for the employee's illness. It cannot be used to take care of an ill family member.   
  • The maximum number of days a member may use from the pool is 120 during a 10-year period.   
  • Participation in this program is voluntary.   
  • There are two (2) open enrollments per year, April and October. At these times all eligible non-member employees will receive an application to join.   
  • To be eligible, the employee must have one year of employment and accrued sick leave equal to the number of days attainable in a year of employment (12 month employees - 12 days, 10 month employees - 10 days, 9 month employees - 8 days).   
  • If eligible, two sick days are deducted from your sick time and added to the pool for use by members.   
  • Every other year an additional ½ day contribution is required to ensure the solvency of the pool.
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