Leave Information

Full-time Employees and Part-time eligible Employees

State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota provides vacation leave in accordance with the State Board of Community College guidelines.

  •  All leave requests must have required approvals.

Vacation Leave

Twelve-month full-time / part-time eligible employees will accrue vacation leave for each month or major fraction of a calendar month of service. The monthly vacation rate will be according to the following schedule:

Years of Employment at SCF

Hours Earned per Month


12-Month Personnel

Executive & Administrative Personnel

Senior Management Personnel

First month through fifth year of employment

1 day

Not to exceed the rate of 1.84 days per month

Not to exceed the rate of 2.5 days per month

First month of sixth year through tenth year of employment

1 ¼ days

Not to exceed the rate of 1.84 days per month

Not to exceed the rate of 2.5 days per month

First month of eleventh year and beyond

1 ½ days

Not to exceed the rate of 1.84 days per month

Not to exceed the rate of 2.5 days per month

Accumulated vacation leave rolls over each year. The maximum you can receive or carry over is 60 days for Senior Management personnel and 44 days for all other personnel. (This is based on a calendar year).  Excess days over the max will be distributed as follows: five (5) days vacation pay will be rolled into SCF's Bencor Special Pay Plan. Any remaining vacation balance beyond the allowable maximum accrual will be transferred to sick leave (VSIC). Use of vacation leave must be pre-approved. At time of separation, the payout on vacation time is 100% of the balance not to exceed 60 days Senior Management / 44 days Executive and Administrative personnel / 30 days for all other personnel. Payout of vacation leave does not apply to employees in grant funded positions. (For more information on BENCOR's website, please click here.)

Employees who have accrued vacation time at another Florida community college are eligible to receive a "vacation benefit based on length of that service."  In other words, employees can have the "time" (not days) transferred to SCF so that they will receive "credit."  For example, if they had 3 years at another Florida community college and transferred "time/credit" they would start accruing 1 ¼ days per month after only 2 years and 1 ½ days per month after only 7 years.

Please note:  Increments are given in the last paycheck of each month and cannot be used prior to that date.  Employees must work the major portion of a month to receive vacation increment.

Sick Leave

Each full-time employee shall earn one (1) day of sick leave for each calendar month of major fraction of a calendar month of service not to exceed 12 days for each fiscal year. Such sick leave shall be cumulative from year to year. There is no limit to the amount of sick leave that can be carried forward into the next calendar year. Pay out of sick leave at the time of separation is based on years of employment. Payout is 45% after seven years up to 10 years and 50% after 10 years of employment at SCF. Senior Management and Directors receive 25% payout with a maximum of 60 days.  
Fiscal year hours are earned based on number of months of appointment as follows:

  • 164-Day Contract  (8 days)
  • 194-Day / 10 month Contract (10 days)
  • 12-Month Contract or Appointment (12 days)

Accumulated sick leave may be transferred from another Florida community college, the Florida Department of Education, the State University System, a Florida district school board or a state agency. Please contact the Benefits Coordinator for details.

Personal Leave

Each calendar year, eligible employees may use a maximum of four (4) days of sick leave for personal reasons. Personal leave hours are non-cumulative. This time is rolled back to four (4) days each July.  In order to designate time off as "personal reasons" you must have corresponding sick leave available.

Paid Holidays

The college is closed for major U.S. holidays. In addition, the college closes for Spring Break.

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