Making a room reservation:

The on-line version of FASTbook can check availability for dates, rooms and campus locations.  The calendar is located at All room requests for internal events (not including classes) are to be submitted via FASTbook on-line.

Requests submitted on-line will be reviewed by the Auxiliary Services Department and placed on HOLD. Requests should be made at least 10 days in advance, no later than 5 days prior to event date. College classes take precedence over all events. Requests with no set-up will receive a confirmation stating there is no set-up within 2 business days.

Events requiring a set-up will receive an email within 2 business days containing an internal room reservation form. This form needs to be completed and returned via EMAIL, FAX or INTEROFFICE mail within 48 hours. Once the completed room reservation, with set-up instructions, has been received the event will be CONFIRMED. Requests are not confirmed (and subject to cancellation) if the form is not returned.

Please note “room requests” are subject to approval. Club events must be pre-approved by student services. Other internal events must be approved by requestor’s department head prior to making request. Events that require additional support services or occur after business hours may be subject to additional charges which may be charged back to the department.

Steps on how to reserve a room:

Go to: on-line calendar for availability. The calendar can be located three ways:

  • SCF Portal-> employee tab-> reserve a room-> reserve a room calendar.
  •> reserve a room calendar.                
  • Go to> administration-> administrative departments-> facility rentals-> reserve a room calendar.

Click calendar select campus / check date to view availability.

Click “Make a Request”.

Choose Department:  Note:  All SCF department begin with "SCF".  If department is not listed it can be added (double check for department prior to adding one). Click continue.

Choose Contact Name:  Scroll down and select appropriate contact.  If it is not on the list it can be added in the box below.  Click continue. 


    •  Event name
    • Type of event: Note there is an option to select the type of event with or without a set-up. Please make sure to select the appropriate one for the requested event.  
    • Number of attendees.
    • Starting/end dates: entered as MMDDYYYY or MM/DD/YYYY. Note: When entering multiple non-concurrent dates, enter the first date, then proceed through all steps and submit request. Once the request has been submitted, send an email to Auxiliary Services to add additional dates to any event. This only applies to non-concurrent dates.
    • Select room & room style.
    • Equipment needed (non-A/V). Submit a help desk ticket to IT for A/V at:
    • Email address.
    • Special instructions: Use only if special instructions need to be included, ex: Already verbally approved this event with Jim Thaggard for the Neel.

**Campus location is only needed if you select “request”. Request should only be used when preferred room is not available.

 Submit Request:  Review your information and make changes if needed, then click "SEND REQUEST"

Once request is sent a confirmation message will appear. (Note: If request will not go through or it comes through incomplete the java script on the computer you are using may need to be updated. IT can assist you with the update at

If you want to check the status of your event you can view it on the FASTBook on-line calendar under the daily tab. It will show the event, location and status.


  • Firm: If an event shows FIRM then everything has been received and the event has been confirmed.
  • Contract sent: Status used when the room reservation request is sent out to be filled out by the requester.
  • Hold A/ Hold B: Request has been received. Request has been forwarded to Location Coordinators for approval.
  • Request: A room request has been received in FB, but not reviewed by Auxiliary Services.
  • Other status: Pending deposit and pending Insurance are status used for external events only. 


  • For A/V support please submit a help desk ticket to IT at or extension 65357.
  • For additional chairs, tables or furniture to be moved (without set-up) please submit a ticket to Facilities through “School Dude” ( or on the portal “employee tab”). If you have additional questions regarding “School Dude” please contact Facilities customer service.
  • Events with set-up must complete a room reservation form with complete set-up instructions and submit to Auxiliary Services (this is the form that is emailed to you). This information will be submitted with event information to Facilities on your behalf. Facilities coordinates all set-ups.
  • For food service for your event contact our food service department at or extension 65311.

 If a change to a request is needed or needs to be canceled please contact Auxiliary Services.

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