Early Childhood Education Information

Thank you for considering State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota (SCF) for your educational goals.

How exciting that you have expressed an interest in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program (Birth through Four Year Olds). There are several options from which you can choose:

(1) State College of Florida Associate of Science (AS) Degree

(2) Bachelor of Science (BS) Degrees in ECE

The Associates of Science (AS) Early Childhood Education (code #2009) has a number of certificates embedded within the degree to prepare you for employment. The certificates are:

(1) Florida Childcare Professional Credential (FCCPC). This is the State of Florida Department of Children and Families Credential required to teach in an accredited early childhood center.

(2) Director’s Credential is the educational credential requirement for all administrators /directors of early childhood centers or licensed family child care homes. 

(3) 1 year certificate (such as Head Start) is the educational requirement for curriculum coordinators. While obtaining these certificates, you are earning 36 credits towards your AS degree (60 college credits).

Upon graduation with an AS degree, you will have the educational requirement for the public schools as a Paraprofessional, Head Start Lead Teacher, early childhood teacher, early childhood director, or teaching assistant as well as a Curriculum Coordinator. The AS ECE gives you the opportunity to apply for admissions into the SCF EC Bachelor in Science (BS) degree with emphasis on birth through age 4 teacher certification. If you do not want to go into teaching, the degree gives you the educational requirements for Professional Coordinator/ Trainer, Technical Assistance Specialist, Topics Specialist, Program Manager Family Specialist/Counselor, to name a few. It also gives you the opportunity to apply for admissions into the Master’s Program. Having your Masters, you can apply to be a College Professor, self-employed Consultant, and even a Researcher at Universities, Government and State Agencies such as Department of Children and Families, Office of Early Learning, and the Department of Education.

If you have questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me or my assistant, Linda Baxter The SCF Catalog links below give a detailed listing of each certificate and degree requirement.

Early Childhood Bachelor of Science

Early Childhood Associate in Science

Early Childhood Certificate



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