AS Early Childhood CDA  & FCCPC Program Information

There is a career ladder for the AS Program in Early Childhood Education. 

The lowest beginning level for childcare providers is the Dept Children & Families mandated hours (30+10+5). The DCF mandated hours can be obtained through SCF Corporate & Community Development. Accreditation and VPK mandate that childcare personnel earn a CDA or FCCPC (Florida Child Care Professional Certificate).

CDA (Child Development Associate) or FCCPC (Florida Child Care Professional Certificate):

            The Florida Child Care Professional Certification (FCCPC) is accepted instead of the National CDA with new National Head Start mandates. Head Start only accepted FCCPC/CDA courses if the college credit course are given through an accredited institution with the course work imbedded within an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. We support this national program by certifying that SCF students have the required 12 college credit course content when they successfully complete with a grade of "C" or higher, EEC 1000, EEC 1601, EEC 1001, and EEC 1319. The lowest beginning level for childcare providers is the Department of Children and Families mandated hours (30+10+5).

In addition, Florida legislation has established the National CDA or a FCCPC as the standard of training for childcare provider training.  Florida Child Care Centers are required to maintain a specific ratio of CDA trained teachers based on the number of children enrolled.  Having a CDA is becoming the standard and often is required for new hires in the childcare field. A National CDA or a FCCPC is required to obtain a Child Care Director's Credential.

The FCCPC is permitted by Florida to increase the number of qualified teachers and to reduce the cost to employees This certification is for those who wish to meet the Florida legislative mandate with college credit.  Childcare personnel must complete four college credit courses, including a portfolio development course and work or volunteer at least a total of 480 hours in a childcare facility, completing the final hours during EEC 1319.  Once EEC 1319 coursework is completed, documentation is collected by the instructor to submit to the State for obtaining the FCCPC Florida Child Care Professional Certificate. The four courses are EEC 1000, EEC 1601, EEC 1001 and EEC 1319. The FCCPC must be renewed every 5 years by taking a three credit hour early childhood course during those five years.

The CDA Educational Exemption Waiver is no longer being offered through SCF.  Childcare personnel who have a two-year or four-year degree in any field and who have 6 college credits in early childhood can apply directly to the Department of Children and Families to meet the "out-of-field" degree mandate of an Educational Exemption Waiver.

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