Faculty Training

Online Learning eCertification Training Courses

Faculty Online Certification Course  This course is a required part of a series of SCF eCertification training that will qualify you to teach online. This course provides you with the knowledge and skills required to properly administer and teach a technologically enhanced course, blended course, or fully online course. This course is required to be eligible to teach a technologically enhanced course, blended course, or fully online course. It lasts six weeks and prepares new online instructors to teach in Canvas.  Contact Online Learning to be enrolled.

Faculty Canvas Basics Course  The Canvas Basics course will teach you the fundamentals of the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). This course will familiarize you with the settings within Canvas and provide you with the skills necessary to use Canvas to share content with your students. The course will enable you to post your syllabus, set up your profile as well as learning some basic features that you might use for your face-to-face students. While the course will help you develop the basic skills to utilize Canvas features, you may need to do some follow-up consultations with your Department Chair or one of our Instructional Designers to learn more about features or best practice that is not covered in this course or not covered in detail  Contact Online Learning to be enrolled.

Student Introduction to Canvas Course This course overview is designed for students who have never used Canvas or who are just getting started. Faculty and orientation staff can also use this course as a reference once for students starting online courses.  This course can be a self-paced course or you can require students to migrate through and complete a short assessment at the end. Instructors can have students print the grade of completion for this course to show proof if they wish.  (**All students are automatically enrolled in this course.)



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