Angel Support


There are a variety of different types of Angel support and help that you may need.


SCF Instructional Technology Service Help Desk  


  • Hours:  Mon.-Thurs., 7a.m.-7p.m., Fri., 7a.m.-5p.m.
  • Phone:   941-752-5357 (x65357)
  • Create a Help Ticket:  A help ticket allows you to submit a detailed explanation of your particular concern.  It creates a record for the ITS Help Desk, and triggers an investigation of your individual issue, and provides you with an Incident Tracking Number that you can use for reference.  This information may be important for documenting your Angel or SCFconnect access issue if you are unable to reach your  instructor.

Email or Call your Instructor:

The support option listed above will be able to assist with your particular class or issues with your forums, due dates, assignments being visible when scheduled, or issues about your specific class.  For these types of issues, be sure to check your course syllabus and email or call your instructor- depending on the instructions in your syllabus.  SCF Online recommends that you always be sure to email your instructor both in your Angel email and via SCF mail.  These emails demonstrate and create a record of your actions and attempts to solve your specific technological issues.

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