Nursing Course Performance Standards

Click on the link to see the Performance Standards for every specific course. You will need Microsoft Word installed in the computer in order to view these fields.

Nursing A.S. Level Courses

NSP 1050
NUR 1013
NUR 1023
NUR 1141
NUR 1142 
NUR 1730

 NUR 2703C
NUR 2731C
NUR 2732C 
NUR 2813
NUR 2931


Nursing B.S. Level Courses

NUR 3066C
NUR 3125
NUR 3145
NUR 3289
NUR 3805
NUR 3826
NUR 3870
NUR 3895

NUR 4837
NUR 4169
NUR 4636 
NUR 4636L
NUR 4827
NUR 4925
NSP 3276
NSP 3295C
NSP 4275C


General Courses Offered through the Health Professions Dept.
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