General Information

What are the sections on the TEAS, what skills will be assessed and how much time is allowed on each section of the TEAS?
The test is taken on a computer. The questions are generally multiple choice style with four options. Each test section consists of several pages with roughly five questions per page. When you have answered the questions, select the “Next” button in the lower part of the screen to move to additional questions. You can review previous pages, but once you move to a new subject (example-from reading to math), you cannot return. 

Section Time
Reading 58 minutes - 42 graded items
Mathematics 51 minutes - 30 graded items
English 34 minutes - 30 graded items
Science 66 minutes - 48 graded items
Total Time 3 hours 29 minutes
  1. Math skills assessed include metric conversion, algebraic equations, percentages, ratio/proportions, decimal and fraction operations.
  2. Reading skills assessed include paragraph comprehension, passage comprehension and inferences/conclusions.
  3. English skills assessed include punctuation, grammar, spelling, sentence structure, contextual and plural words.
  4. The Science section is divided into four portions: scientific reasoning, human body science, Earth and physical science, and life science.  Science skills assessed include identifying steps of the scientific method, identifying functions of the cell organelles, DNA/RNA functions, human demographics, reading the periodic table, phase changes and identifying a state based on properties. 
  5. Concentrate first on learning the content material for each portion on the preparation manual. Then do the practice questions. The TEAS is about 'application of knowledge'.
  6. You current college grade point does not determine your success on the TEAS. Nursing requires familiarity and application of knowledge you were introduced to in middle and high school. Review and mastery of this information and accompanying skills is needed.
  7. (TEAS) to apply to the Nursing Program.  It is a requirement of the program.
  8. Each test is different. Your screen will be different from others.
  9. Generally, the questions are multiple choice with four options.
  10. Calculator use is not allowed.
  11. There is no penalty for guessing. Unanswered questions are scored as incorrect.
  12. Pace yourself.
  13. Taking less time in one section does not give you more time in another. 
  14. You must pass all sections of the TEAS at the same time. 
  15. A copy of your results will be given to you at the end of the test.
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