After the TEAS

Minimum TEAS VI Scores Accepted for SCF Associate Degree Nursing Program
 69.7% or greater
 68.0% or greater
 55% or greater
62.9% or greater

I have passed all sections of the TEAS.  What is the next step?
You may apply to the nursing program during an open application period if all other application requirements are met.  The deadline to have the TEAS completed by is two weeks prior to the application deadline.   

How long are my TEAS VI scores good for?  Passing scores (in all four sections during the same exam time) on the TEAS VI are good for three (3) years from the exam date or until ATI makes the next version available.

I was unsuccessful with one or more sections of the TEAS. Can I retake just the section(s) I was unsuccessful with?
No. You must retake the TEAS in its entirety and pass all sections of the exam at the same time. There is no combining of passing scores from different attempts at the TEAS.  There is a waiting period of 90 days between the first and second attempt.

I have been unsuccessful on the entrance exam after two attempts.  When can I take the TEAS again?
A third attempt at the TEAS may occur at least one year from the time of the second attempt.

I have been unsuccessful on the TEAS three times. When may I retake the TEAS?
Students who have been unsuccessful on the TEAS three times must wait three (3) years before retaking the TEAS.

A study guide, “ATI TEAS Study Manual Sixth Edition”, an online series of practice exams and the "ATI TEAS SmartPrep" are available. See “PREPARING FOR THE TEAS” on the SCF nursing web pages for more information.

What if I took the TEAS VI at another location?  Can I submit that exam?  As long as your exam meets our program's requirements, you can purchase your official TEAS transcript from ATI and have it sent to SCF Admissions by the TEAS deadline for the application period in which you plan to apply.

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