Nursing Program FAQ's

Is there a waiting list for the A.S. Nursing Program?

No, there is not a waiting list. 

How many semester hours does it take to complete the nursing program?

The basic program requires 72 semester hours (14 hours of prerequisite work, 16 hours of general academic requirements, and 42 hours of nursing course work) The transition program also requires 72 semester hours (14 hours of prerequisite work, 16 hours of general academic requirements, 28 hours of nursing course work - 14 additional hours are awarded to the LPN at the completion of the nursing program).

 Does SCF offer a program for a student to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)?

No, SCF does not offer an LPN program. Students are encouraged to contact Manatee Technical Institute or Sarasota County Technical Institute for more information about LPN programs, including admission requirements.

After completing two semesters of the nursing program can I take the LPN Licensure Exam?  

The Florida Board of Nursing allows applicants to apply for the Practical Nurse Examination based on practical nursing equivalency (PNEQ) IE:  Applicants who have successfully completed courses, equivalent to practical nursing education in a registered nursing program. The SCF nursing program is not based upon a 1 + 1 curriculum, and therefore two semesters does not meet practical nursing equivalency.

I have previous criminal charges.  How does this affect my ability to attend the nursing program?

If you have any charges on your Background Screening record, you must see Dr. Garland. Her office is on the Bradenton Campus, Building 29, and Office 112. Call Jennifer Elliott at 941-752-5209 for an appointment. Please be aware that if you have a felony charge that is drug related or related to charges of fraud under certain Florida Statutes, under current state law you will not be able eligible for RN licensure for 5 to 15 years following the completion of any sentence or probation related to the charges (specific time limitation depends on the specific charge) and thus cannot enroll in the program. If you have felony charges for any reason, regardless of adjudication, the clinical facilities that we use are not likely to accept you for clinical and thus you will not be able to enroll in the nursing program. If you have any questions, see Dr. Garland.

Criminal History and Discipline Information

Florida Board of Nursing: Conviction Record Guidelines for Applicants for Licensure & Exemption

What classes should I be taking, after completing all general academic courses required by the Nursing program, while applying to the RN program?

Students are encouraged to complete an American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) Health Care Provider CPR.  Course are available through SCF's Center for Corporate & Community Development.

Begin locating previous immunization records, and consider updating immunizations BEFORE applying to the program.  This will spread out the costs for the health requirements.  Immunization Documentation.

I'm having problems printing a CAPP/Degree Audit, what should I do?

Please follow these steps:

** From the SCF home page (

• Click on ‘SCF Connect ’
• Type in your SCF e-mail User ID (ex: jsmith) and PIN.
• Click on “Student” folder at the top
• Click on ‘Student Services and Financial Aid’
• Click on ‘Student Records’
• Click on ‘CAPP/Degree Audit’
• Select the current Term – choose “Spring 2014", click “submit”
• Click on ‘What-If Analysis’ at the bottom of the page
• Enter Term – choose “Spring 2014", click “continue”
• Program – choose “AS, Nursing”, click “continue”
• First Major – choose “AS, Nursing and Department: None”, click “submit”
• Evaluation Term – choose “Spring 2014”, click “Generate Request”
• General Requirements is the default, click “submit”
• Print the results.



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