Music for Personal Enrichment

All music classes are open to all State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota students.

Non-music majors are welcome to play in music ensembles. See Ensembles.

  • No audition required for Concert Choir.
  • Seating audition only for SCF Symphony Orchestra and Wind Ensemble.

Beginning students

SCF Music Program offers:

  • Class Piano I, MVK 1111A (see comments for non-music major class)
  • Class Guitar, MVS 1116
  • Class Voice I, MVV 1111A
  • Fundamentals of Music Non-Majors, MUT 1011

Beginning and experienced students

SCF Music Program offers vocal and instrumental applied music lessons. Applied lessons are one-on-one instruction between student and instructor. Applied lessons are for the beginning student or the experienced student that provides advanced training in your area of interest.

Applied lessons are also available for personal enrichment through SCF Corporate and Community Development. Please contact Roresu Chandler at 941-752-5669 or email for information.

 See Applied Music Instruction.

Students interested in learning to read music

Recommended classes:

  • Fundamentals of Music for Non-Majors (MUT 1011); this course is a presentation of the basic concepts and perception of pitch, rhythm, music notation, sight scales, key signatures, intervals chords, meter and basic rhythm patterns. This course is designed for  students who do not intend to major in music.
  • Class Piano I can help a student begin to learn to read music.

Music courses that fulfill the Humanities or International/Intercultural requirement

  • Music Appreciation (MUL 2010); this course is a study of aural/lecture survey of music, composition and technique from antiquity to the present.
  • Folk/Traditional Music of World Cultures (MUH 2050); this course is an introduction to the cultural setting of folk and art music among diverse peoples including cultures of the Western and non-Western world; this meets the Gordon Rule requirement.
  • Introduction to Music History and Literature (MUH 2110); this course is a survey of music literature from the Middle Ages to the present; this meets the Gordon Rule requirement.

Music courses that fulfill elective credits

  • History of Rock and Popular Music (MUL 1019); this course examines the development of popular and rock music in an analytical and historical manner; it covers the beginnings of rock and popular music in the 19th Century with the fusions of Western European and African cultures to the styles of the present.
  • Jazz History and Literature (MUH 2018); this course is an introduction to perceptive listening; consideration of significant master works from the field of jazz literature; instruction includes fundamental music terminology and theoretical concepts pertinent to jazz and related styles; studies include the evolution of style and the performers/composers who produced and developed these styles.
  • Applied lessons (MVB, MVK, MVP, MVS, MVV, MVW). See Applied Music Instruction.
  • Music Ensembles (MUN). See Ensembles. (link)

SCF music courses can count toward the Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree as electives. Music courses are transferable to a university, but music classes may only count in related fields of study such as Music, Theatre, Education or Humanities. Please contact the university you plan to attend regarding transferable class courses.

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