Student Recitals

Student Recital

Scheduling Recitals

Student recitals are given on Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. in the Neel Performing Arts Center throughout the semester. Dates will be announced each semester. Since each Applied I and II music student is expected to perform at least once per semester in a student recital, course or work conflicts should be avoided.

When you wish to perform, please reserve a performance slot at (students will need to create an account). You must also submit a permission form which may be obtained from the bulletin board in the music main lobby, or printed directly from

The form must be signed by both the applied music instructor and the accompanist (if applicable).  Return the Student Recital Performance form to the Music Office by Monday at 2pm before Wednesday's performance. A professional staff accompanist is available.  See the schedule posted on the bulletin board outside the Music Office.



Dress Code for Performers

Student recitals
In preparing for Student Recital performance, proper apparel should be chosen:
Men: Dress pants, dress shirt and tie. Jackets are preferred, but not required. Shoes should be polished.
Women: Dress or skirt and blouse, pantsuits, or dress slacks and blouse.
Modesty and taste should be considered when selecting attire for a performance. Shoes should be polished and comfortable for walking across the stage.

Performing Ensembles
Each organization will establish dress requirements for its performances.

Certificate/Solo Recitals
 Men:Formal dress (tuxedo) is preferred. If not available, a dark suit with dress shirt and tie is acceptable. Shoes and socks should be black. Shoes should be polished.
Women: Semi-formal or formal gown is preferred. If not available, a fancy or evening dress is acceptable. Semi-formal slacks and a blouse may be worn if desired. Shoes should be appropriate for formal attire.

Jury Examinations
Jury examinations are performances. The same dress code applies for jury exams as for recitals.

Remember, performers are judged by how they look as well as how they sound. Appropriate dress is one important part of stage presence. Observing the SCF dress code is part of your preparation as a professional in the world of music.


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