MAC 2147 Precalculus Algebra/Trigonometry (4)(A.A.)

Four hours lecture per week. Prerequisite: A grade of "A" or "B" in MAC 1105 or equivalent. This course meets Area II requirements for both the A.A. General Education Requirements and A.S. General Education Requirements. Topics include the study of the following functions: polynomial, rational, radical, absolute value, exponential and logarithmic. Other topics include matrices and systems of equations and inequalities, trigonometric functions and applications, analytic trigonometry, vectors, trigonometric form of complex numbers, parametric equations, polar coordinates and equations and conic sections. An emphasis will be placed on solving applications by mathematical modeling. This course is intended for students whose major requires the calculus sequence. Use of a graphing calculator is integrated throughout this course.


 Algebra & Trigonometry, Sullivan 7th Edition  
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