Title III, REA 0002

College Prep Reading II

(CPT) Placement

All Florida college students are required to take the College Placement Test prior to beginning classes.  Students who score between 43 and 82 on the CPT or have completed REA0001 are placed in College Prep. Reading II in order to improve literal and critical reading skills and to improve vocabulary.


REA 0002 Course Standards

The student, at the completion of this course, should be able to:

  1. Identify word meanings based on knowledge of context clues.
  2. Recognize main ideas in paragraphs and longer reading selections.
  3. Recognize major details in paragraphs.
  4. Identify transition words in paragraphs.
  5. Identify patterns in paragraph organization.
  6. Distinguish between statements of fact and opinion.
  7. Identify author's purpose in a reading selection.
  8. Demonstrate the ability to draw logical inferences based on a reading selection.
  9. Identify author's tone in a reading selection.
  10. Recognize common logical fallacies in arguments.



At the end of the term, REA0002 students who have maintained a "C" average will take the Florida College Basic Skills Test (Reading Exit Exam),

For more information about the Reading Exit Exam:



For a practice exam with explanations: 

Practice Exam with Explanations

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