Title III, Basic Reading Skills 1 (CPT)

REA 0001, Syllabus

Cynthia Ross

INSTRUCTOR'S PHONE: 752-5463            Department phone: 752-5242

Office hours: To be announced               Office: Building 3, Rm. 119


If you have questions or problems, please contact me as soon as possible to make an appointment or you may e-mail me at the address above.


TEXTBOOKS: Ten Steps to Improving College Reading Skills, 4th ed, by John Langan
Improving Vocabulary Skills, 3rd ed., by
Sherrie Nist and Carole Mohr

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Basic Reading Skills I (5) (CC).

Three hours lecture and two hours laboratory per week.

This course is designed to develop skills in word recognition, vocabulary and literal and critical comprehension. After successful completion (minimum grade of C), the student may enroll in REA 0002. Placement for next level of reading is determined by test scores. Students must also register for REA 0001L.


The student, at the completion of this course, should be able to:

1.       Identify word meanings based on knowledge of context clues.

2.       Recognize main ideas in paragraphs and longer reading selections.

3.       Recognize major details in paragraphs.

4.       Identify transition words in paragraphs.

5.       Identify patterns in paragraph organization.

6.       Distinguish between statements of fact and opinion.

7.       Identify author's purpose in a reading selection.

8.       Demonstrate the ability to draw logical inferences based on a reading selection.

9.       Identify author's tone in a reading selection.

10.     Recognize common logical fallacies in arguments.



CLASS ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY. Students are permitted six absences in lab and reading class without penalty.  (For example, you may have 3 absences in each or 4 in one and 2 in the other.)  A student who accumulates excessive absences (more than 6) may be dropped from the course.  Being on time is also very important. Students who are more than 10 minutes late to class will be counted absent. 


Students will NOT be allowed to make up any tests. There are 10 skills tests and 5 vocabulary tests; therefore, students should plan absences accordingly.  I will drop your lowest test grade in the Skills Test area, therefore, if a student chooses to miss one test and use this grade as his/her lowest test grade, that is permissible. For any other test that is missed, a student will receive a zero.  The Final Exam will cover all the skills learned in the semester.  The Final Exam grade cannot be dropped.-+

Skills Tests 35%                 Vocabulary Tests 25%      

HW/Participation 10%      Lab  30%


FINAL EXAM:  Information will be provided during the term.



Homework and class work account for 10% of your total grade.  I do check to see that this work is done.  Class work and participation are part of this 10%.


Class preparation/participation is very important to your grade. Make sure that you complete ALL assignments BEFORE coming to class.



Cell phones must be turned off every day during class.



90-100 = A           89-80 = B         79-70 = C            69-60 = D          59-0 = F


Online Tutoring and Study Skills Support:   

A collection of web sites to help students enhance study skills and to provide tutoring support is available on the MCC web site.

            a) Go to Title III

            b) Student Services Resources link

            c) Virtual Tutoring and Study Skills Support Link



Students must abide by all Lancer Student Handbook guidelines.



Unauthorized collaboration, falsifying information, or cheating on an examination is considered "academic dishonesty" and is subject to severe penalties.



is the use of ideas, facts, opinions, illustrative material, data, direct or indirect wording of another scholar and/or writer-professional or student-without proper credit. Expulsion, suspension, or any lesser penalty may be imposed for plagiarism.



Information about the final exam will be provided during the semester.



In accordance with the Manatee Community College policy as stated in the college catalog, students may withdraw from any course or all courses without academic penalty of a WF by the withdrawal deadline as listed in the Manatee Community College academic calendar.  (October 29 for the Fall 2007 term) The student must take responsibility for initiating the withdrawal procedure.


Students are strongly encouraged to talk with their instructors first before taking any withdrawal action.



Write down the names and telephone numbers (and/or e-mail addresses) of 2 classmates:




If you are absent, contact one or both of your classmates to obtain the class assignments.  If you cannot reach a classmate, you may e-mail me for missing information.  Keep in mind that you must e-mail me before 3:00 in the afternoon to ensure that I receive it in time to help you.

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