Title III, REA 0001 College Prep Reading


How do I access websites, folders, programs, or e-mail?

Call the Help Desk and request the service you need.    


What do I do if my classroom is locked?

If you have an early class, your room may not be unlocked yet.


Before classes begin, request a key to the room from the staff assistant.

If your class begins after 9:00 am, the door will probably be unlocked.


How do I have my class materials copied?

Fill out the copy request form.  The account numbers are posted.  Your copies are usually returned within 24 hours. 


What about tests?

The text is accompanied by a Test Bank that provides numerous tests for every chapter of the book. 


Is there a final exam?

There is no departmental final exam for REA0001.  Many instructors create a comprehensive exam which covers the skills in the textbook.  The Test Bank and the textbook are good sources for this type of test; both contain "Combined Skills Tests" which cover all the chapters in the book.

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