Writing Resources

1. Paraphrasing, Summarizing, Quoting, and Avoiding Plagiarism

Paraphrasing without Plagiarizing

How to Quote Correctly

Literal and Free Paraphrasing

Punctuating Quotes

Quoting, Paraphrasing and Summarizing

Effective Paraphrasing

2.  Steps in the Writing Process

What is the Writing Process?

Generating Ideas- Freewriting

Generating Ideas- Brainstorming

Generating Ideas- Clustering/Webbing

Developing an Outline

What is a First Draft?

Editing Punctuation

Proofreading Tips

Editing and Proofreading Strategies

3.  Writing Conventions


Using a Variety of Sentence Struture

Transitioning Between Ideas



Avoiding Wordiness

4.  Parts of an Essay


Basic Thesis Statements for an Essay

Good and Bad Thesis Statements

Thesis Statements for Different Kinds of Writing

Introductions:  The Top-Down Model

Effective Introductions

Attention Getting Introductory Techniques


Strategies for Conclusions

5.  Citation Styles


APA Conventions


MLA Conventions

6.  Types of Writing Assignments and Essay Tests

Compare/Contrast Essays

Tips for Taking Essay Tests


The Process Essay

Writing an Essay Test


7.  The Five Paragraph Essay


Analysis of a Simple 5 Paragraph Essay

Outline of a 5 Paragraph Essay


Tips on Developing a 5 Paragraph Essay

Sample 5 Paragraph Essay

8.  Spelling


Basic Spelling Rules 1

Basic Spelling Rules 2

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