Speaking/Listening Resources

1. Speaking and Listening Resources

General Resources

ESL Cyber Lab -   Audio conversations on many topics.  Vocabulary, quizzes and more.

Audio Alphabet Pronunciation

EZ Slang -  Audio dialogues with idiomatic expressions and relaxed pronunciation

Single Word Dictation Practice

Dictation Practice

Listen and Read - Audio stories to which you can read along silently or aloud

English Baby!- Listen to and/or watch authentic discussions.  Practice listening skills, learn new vocabulary


Pronunciation Resources

Pronunciation of Individual Sounds-Audio and video help with pronunciation of all English sounds

Minimal Pairs - Pronunciation practice with most difficult vowel and consonant sounds

How to Pronounce the American  "R"  - Video lesson on making the /R/ sound

Merriam-Webster Dictionary - Audio pronunciation of words


Final -ED Sounds

Pronouncing Words with Silent Letters


Public Speaking and Group Discussion

Informative Speech Sample

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