Reading and Vocabulary Resources

1. Main Ideas, Central Ideas, Implied Main Ideas

Practice with Main Ideas, Central Ideas, and Implied Main Ideas

Finding the Topic and the Main Idea


2.  Supporting Details

Practice with Supporting Details


3.  Fact and Opinion

Practice with Fact and Opinion


4.  Purpose and Tone

Practice Identifying Purpose and Tone in a Reading


5.  Organizational Patterns and Organizational Transitions

Practice Recognizing Patterns of Thought in a Reading

Different Patterns of Organization


6.  Inferences

Practice Making Inferences


7.  Argument and Support

Practice with Argument Basics


8.  Figurative Language and Idioms

Metaphor and Simile

Types of Figurative Language

Idioms and Quizzes


9.  Using a Dictionary

Reading the Dictionary

Using a Monolingual Dictionary


10.  Textbook Analysis and Methods of Textbook Reading and Note-taking

Reading Textbooks

Anatomy of a Textbook

Cornell Note-taking System

SQ3R Method of Reading


11.  Test Skills and Practice for Reading Exams

A:  Florida State Basic Skills Exit Exam Practice

Florida State Basic Skills Exit Exam Practice

B:  CPT Reading

Skills Covered on the CPT

CPT Reading Practice Tests from Valencia CC

C:  Understanding Test Questions

Analyzing Test Directives in Essay Tests


14.  Word Study


Develop Vocabulary While Reading

Using Context Clues


15.  Summarizing and Paraphrasing

See Writing Resources section


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