Frequently Asked Questions


Adjunct FAQ’s


How many office hours do I need each week?

Adjunct faculty do not have required office hours.


What do I do if I am going to miss a class?

All classes must be met as scheduled for the entire class period.   If illness, accident, or unforeseen events prevents an instructor from beginning class on time or will be out, he/she should email class as soon as possible via email (see instructions below) then contact department assistant at 752-5251., SCF connect, user ID and password, Faculty tab, Banner self service, Faculty Services, Summary class list, email class.

Adjunct faculty will have $30 deducted from their total compensation for each hour of class time missed.


Where can I get supplies such as markers, pencils, pens, etc..?

Please see department assistant for supplies


How do I get an instructors copy of text book?

Contact department assistant at 752-5251. Please do not contact publisher directly.


When do I receive my first pay check?

You will be contacted via email with subject matter FLAC. This is information regarding your contract for the semester which includes pay periods for that semester. Please adhere to deadlines so pay is not interrupted.


What is FLAC?—Faculty Load and Compensation instructions (Your contract information)-and where do I find instructions on how to do this?:

My computer, “S” Drive, FLAC training materials. “S” drive is our Shared drive.

What is the "S" drive?

This is our shared drive where you will find information as well as forms you might need. It is located in "my computer" and can only be accessed on campus. 

How do I make copies for class?

If you are making 10 or less copies you may do so in department office (please see department assistant for code to copier). If you need more than 10 copies, please use Central Services. (Information on how to do this is below).


How do I get copies from Central Services?

There is a 3-part form in the office you fill out and attach to original then place in outgoing mail in office. If you’d like to do this electronically (recommended), go to “S” drive, all forms, all forms, Central Services folder, and Electronic Copy request form and fill out completely. Send the file (as an attachment) to Each file must have a separate completed Electronic Copy Request form sent with the file as an attachment.

See department assistant for Fund and ORG numbers. There is a 1 to 2 day turnaround time for copies. Copies get delivered to office and will be placed in your mailbox.


Should I take roll in class?

Yes, please make it a point to take roll in class, especially the first week of add/drop. At the end of add/drop, you will have 1 week to report “No Shows” which are very important for Financial Aid purposes. You will also need the “last date of attendance” for anyone you will be reporting as an “I”, “WF” or “F” as a final grade. Please adhere to deadlines.


Is there an attendance policy for students?

It is left up to the discretion of the instructor on his/her attendance policy in the classroom; however, if a student stops attending, you may withdraw him/her from your class with either a “W” or a “WF”. Department secretary will email you on date for “last date to withdraw with a “W” after which student receives a “WF”. A last date of attendance is required when issuing this grade.

How do I report "No Shows" and input "Final Grades"? 

Instructions on "No Shows" and "Final Grades" will be emailed to you. Please adhere to deadlines.

Where can I find directions on podium usage?

Instructions are located in the “S” drive on any on campus computer. This is the shared drive. My computer, “S” drive, podium directions.


How do I see my class roster?, SCF connect, user ID and password, Faculty tab, Banner self service, Faculty Services, Summary class list.


Who do I contact if I am having issues with equipment in the classroom?

Call help desk at 752-5357.

How do I get into classroom if I forgot my key/don’t have a key?

Call Public safety at 752-5550


What do I do in an emergency?

Here is a link to Emergency Procedures on campus:


The projector is asking for a password, what is it? (this is usually the case in the Math build)

Please email or call Department assistant for username and password.



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