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Studio Art

Studio Art courses
Art students are able to study ceramics, drawing, graphic design, sculpture, and photography in our new Art and Design Building with high-tech classrooms and labs.

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Digital Cinema & Photography

In 2006, SCF's film program was chosen by MovieMaker magazine as one of the 25 two-year colleges ranked "the world's best film schools." Film students often participate in special projects on campus as well as take classes.

Film Courses
Photography Courses
Film and Multimedia programs include:
Film Production Technology  (A.S. degree)
Motion Pictures - University Parallel (A.A degree)

Graphic Design

These degrees prepare the graduate for immediate employment in the field of graphic design.

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Graphic Design programs include:
Graphic Design Technology
Interactive Media Production Certificate



The foundation of any complete liberal arts education, our humanities courses include history, literature, philosophy, ethics and the arts.

Humanities programs include:
Art Education
Art History and Appreciation
Philosophy/Philosophy and Religion
Religious Studies 

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