AS Emergency Medical Services (2038) +

(73 Term Hours)

Program Goal:

To prepare students who have gained competency in the technical institute's Applied Technology Diploma (ATD) in Basic Emergency Medical Technology and the Paramedic Certificate to acquire an Associate in Science Degree in Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The EMS degree is designed to provide a career option that includes work in an administrative, advanced clinical or educational setting. Workplace environments for degree completers include: EMS services, hospital emergency departments, industrial health and safety departments, and public safety agencies.

This is an articulated program between Manatee Technical Institute (MTI), Sarasota County Technical Institute (SCTI) and State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota (SCF). Students who have completed the Basic Emergency Technician ATD, consisting of 250 hours, at MTI or SCTI, and the required general academic courses and the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) core courses at SCF, will be awarded an Associate in Science Degree.

Program Entrance Requirements

1. Present copies of the ATD and Certificates of Completion to the Office of Career and Technical Education
2. Complete all of the general academic and core courses listed below with a grade of "C" or better.

General Academic Courses**

Course Description

Term Hours

Enc 1101 Written Communication I 3
SPC 1600 Fundamentals of Speech Communication 3
MAT 1033+ Intermediate Algebra 3
Humanities Choose from Area IV, A.S. 3
Behav. Sci. Choose from Area III, A.S. 3
BSC 2085C Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BSC 2085L Anatomy and Physiology I Lab 0
  Total 19

Emergency Medical Services Core Courses 

Course Description Term Hours
BSC 2086C Anatomy and Physiology II 4
BSC 2086L Anatomy and Physiology Lab 0
EMT ATD Certificate 11
Paramedic Certificate 39

Program Director

Puett, Barry F., Department Chair, SBS-BC, Director of Homeland Security and Public Safety Administration BAS Degree, Professor, Social & Behavioral Sciences
(941) 752-5656, Bradenton
** A grade of "C" or better must be attained for the courses meeting general education requirements for this degree.

+ Effective Fall 2013, no new students are being accepted into an A.A.S. degree program. Students currently enrolled will have two years (Summer 2015) to complete the A.A.S. specific requirements of the program. The only difference between the A.A.S. and the A.S. curriculum for this particular program is one math course (MTB 1321).

Articulated credit from a technical institute/secondary school may be applicable. Contact the SCF's Associate Vice President of Corporate and Community Development for more information.


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