Lower/Upper Level Electives: 42 Credit Hours (27 lower level/15 upper level)

Fire science, criminal justice and emergency medical services degrees from regionally accredited colleges and universities.

Any A.A. elective over and above A.A. general education requirements. To meet the requirement of A.A. elective, any course that has (A.A.) after the course title in the catalog course description or any of the following courses or course prefixes: ACG, ANT, BCH, BCN, BSC, BUL, CGS, CHM, CIS, COP, ECO, ETG, EUH, FIN, FRE, GEA, GEB, GEO, GER, GLY, HSC, INP, INR, ISC, JOU, MAN, MET, MMC, PLA, SLS, SPC, SPN, STA.

15 upper level credits (five courses) from the following list:  

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