Bachelor of Applied Science in Energy Technology Management

NOTE:  Effective Fall 2015, no new students are being accepted into this program. Students currently enrolled will have two years (Summer 2017) to complete the B.A.S. specific requirements.

Energy Technology Management

Program Description/Employment Options For Graduates:

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Energy Technology Management Program encompasses a broad, emerging field requiring the application of energy-related principals and skills in order to recommend, implement, support and monitor systems and policies of energy usage for large buildings or complexes. The program is not designed as an engineering degree or to prepare graduates for work in power plants or power-generating industries, traditional or alternative. This workforce degree's program of study includes principles of energy conservation, instrumentation calibration, monitoring systems and test procedures, energy loss inspection protocols, energy conservation techniques, data collection and report preparation. Program graduates will be hired under various titles by commercial, retail, governmental, and/or other entities that utilize one or more large buildings. They also may be hired by energy consulting and testing firms as well as construction and engineering firms and building commissioning entities. Graduates will qualify for positions associated with energy management, such as energy applications specialists, facilities managers and energy conservation specialists. They also may pursue entrepreneurial endeavors as energy consultants and/or energy auditors.

Admission Requirements:

We are not accepting new applications for this program

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