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Name Change FAQs

Q. What is MCC's new college name?
A. MCC officially became State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota July 1, 2009.

Q. Why was a name change needed?
A. In March 2009, the State Board of Education approved MCC's proposal to deliver a complete bachelor of science in nursing degree. The College needed a new name to recognize its status as a four-year college.

Q. What is our new athletic team mascot?
A. The new College mascot is the Manatees in recognition of 52 years as Manatee Community College.

Q. Will the College still have the community college mission?
A. Yes, the College will continue to provide the open-access mission of Florida community colleges at the associate degree level.

Q. How will the name change affect tuition?
Tuition for associate degree courses will continue to be determined by the state of Florida at the community college level. Tuition for baccalaureate level courses will be set at the state college, not the state university system, rate.

Q. I'm a current student. What will my diploma say?
A. Those graduating after July 1, 2009 will receive diplomas that say State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota.

Q: I am an alumnus of Manatee Community College. Which name should I put on my resume?
A. Protocol allows graduates to use either the institution's former name (at the time of graduation) or the institution's current name on a resume. To avoid confusion, we suggest you list the new name of the College followed by, "formerly Manatee Community College."

Q. Will the College's e-mail address and URL change?
A. Yes. The College's Web site and e-mail addresses have changed from mccfl.edu to scf.edu. There will be a short time when both Web addresses can be used.

Q. My office has a lot of Manatee Community College letterhead and business cards. What do we do?
A. The new name is being phased in so all departments should exhaust their supplies of MCC letterhead and business cards before ordering new supplies with the new name and logo. A template and example for using the new SCF name on the MCC letterhead is on the S drive at S:\Public Affairs & Marketing\MCC letterhead transition to SCF. There will be several months when both names will be used, as is typical when organizations change their names.

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