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Podium Information Sheet

The teaching podiums in the CIT each have a control panel installed on the top for easy access to many of the equipment features.  The control panel options will vary depending on the equipment package in that room.  Power for each piece of equipment is not available from the control panel.  The only standard power button from the control panel will be for the ceiling-mounted projector.


  1. Touch the small screen on the podium to turn on the projector. The screen should say "Please wait while projector warms up."

Note: The image from the projector will not show up right away.  Please by patient!  If you press the button again the projector will go into a "sleep" mode and consequently will require several minutes before you can attempt to power it on again.


  1. Power for the PC can be turned on using the power button on the front of the PC. You can power on any of the additional equipment such as VCR, DVD, or document camera using the power button on the front of the equipment.

Note: Please leave all equipment powered on - except for the projector.


  1. The small touch screen on the control panel allows you to switch between devices for viewing through the ceiling mounted projector. You can press the button for any other device when you want the image from that device to be projected.


  1. Note: The projectors are scheduled to time-out after 3 hours. To avoid having to re-start the projector press the button on the podium that controls the device you are using before 3 hours have passed.


  1. Each piece of equipment is wired through the audio amplifier so that you will have sound available from any of the devices.  There is a volume control on the control panel.


  1. An outlet that allows connection of a laptop will be added to the top of the podium.  This will allow someone to place a laptop on the surface of the podium and connect it to the ceiling mounted projector.


  1. All the PC's in the podiums have some standard software such as the Internet browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Microsoft Office Suite with Word, PowerPoint, etc.  If you teach regularly in a classroom and need to request that computer services install other software, please use the intranet computer services help ticket to make that request.


  1. To turn off the projector, you must press system off button on the touch screen.  Then press the "Press to turn off system" button that appears.


  1. When the PC is powered on the SCF network login screen will prompt for a userid and password.  Most users will simply type in their SCF userid and SCF password.  In this case make sure the domain reads SCF.  For adjuncts or users who do not have an SCF network account, login can be as follows: userid=lstudent, password=<enter>, domain MCCLABS



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